It’s time to optimize your restaurant’s reservations!

Do it with DigiDine’s Restaurant Table & Reservations Planner App.


First, go to “Settings” and set your tables and working hours,
Now, start to fill the main board with your reservations…

Enter Visitors’ Name, Telephone, Number of Visitors, preferred hour, add a short comment if you want – and assign a Table.

Smart! Only relevant and available tables will be shown!

Simple to use, with a super smart algorithm running in the cloud!


And much more:

  • Add reservations to days ahead

  • Mark as “Arrived” or modify existing reservations

  • Manage your “Waiting List”

  • Download your Visitor’s history log file.

It’s Cloud-Based so you can assign up to 4 users that can share and use the app!


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Currently the Restaurant Table Management App is available only for Android devices

Quick Start Guide

Setting-up the Table Planner is easy as 1-2-3.

Download here and email us your current tables, so that we will set up everything for you!

Follow this Quick-Start guide to be familiar with all features.